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JustKodding helps independent software developers get their code out in the real world.

We are iOS, macOS, Python, PHP/HTML, Java and C, user-centric developers.
We love kodding and, once the result is exciting, we want to publicly release our work.
In that spirit, we created our own software publishing house. Contact us to join the team!

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Plug into the music communities


With Socket, you can listen to your favorite music in thousands of communities and chat with people in the room.

Better! You can play an active role: woot / meh to give a feedback on songs playing, become the DJ of the room, make friends...


The Onion Browser


Tob is a free, open-source and ad-less browser using Tor to protect your privacy.

  • Anonymously browse the internet without websites knowing your real IP address.
  • Navigate the internet without your ISP tracking you.
  • Access .onion websites (hidden services only available with Tor).
  • Change IP address, clear cookies and cache with the press of a button.
  • Disable scripts that could be used to track your network activity.


A Minecraft Server


ShadowAxe is a French Minecraft network supporting 1.8 and up,
offering an OP Prison and a SkyBlock and other unique servers!

The OP Prison concept was re-created to make it look brand new and attract more people.
But if you still don't like this type of server, we also have SkyBlock and more!
We constantly work on new servers such as Faction-like and Prison-derived game modes...

Tired of PayToWin servers? Everything can be obtained for free on ShadowAxe!


The companion app to Elog


Elogger is the companion app to Elog, the data logger from Enerdis.
It lets you access an Elog through the internet, list the connected devices and
check their real time values to monitor your energy consumption.

Elogger is ideal for the commissioning of an energy management system:
go from one meter to another, check on your iPhone that they are properly
connected to the system, verify their IP addresses and their readings.